Why Choose Yii2 framework for Your Next Project?


Yii framework that helps to automate repetitive tasks in the project. These tools guide you to allocate less time on complex tasks and help in reserving more time revising the app that suits your clients’ requirements. It is a web-based code scaffolding tool that allows developers to instantly create code templates for controllers, modules, and forms.

1.) It consists of a set of #AJAX widgets so that it becomes easy for developers to create a perfect user interface for their project.

2.) Directly modify your website according to your requirements.

3.) It provides a set of helper methods that makes the development process simple and fast.

4.) It offers highly extensible code generation tools such as #CRUD and a form called “#GII”.

5.) It helps you to reduce the response time and improves the performance of the web application.

6.) It is extremely easy and simple.

7.) It is entirely based on #OOPS concepts and utilizes modern features of #PHP.

Yii2 is a very powerful framework that is easy to learn. It doesn’t really force you to do things a certain way, but it has a solid structure and basic components. The pros and cons really depend on what you want out of the framework. I’d say that in capable hands you won’t find Yii2 limiting its capabilities. Compared to other frameworks, you probably won’t be running around trying to solve a strange problem caused by a complex pattern in the framework that needs to be used.

It’s not as elegant as Symfony because it’s really clever at abstracting everything. It’s sophisticated because it’s much simpler and more direct. It doesn’t look really fancy, but compared to Symfony it’s more elegant because it’s easier to use. As a tool, it is very good. Does what you expect.

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